Office 365 – SharePoint Admin Center is changing

As announced at ignite this year The Office 365 admin center will be changing. Today, I found that my new admin center is available. Note that this is only available to people who have signed up for it.

It will all start by going to the SharePoint Admin Center:

Office 365 - SharePoint Admin Center is changing 1

Note that there is a link available “Try the new SharePoint admin center”. Once you click on this you get the following new look:

Office 365 - SharePoint Admin Center is changing 2

This might at first look like some graphs and not particular great, but when you have a closer look you will see the improvements.

  • You can now see the Message center with all the SharePoint related news. (Imagine if you are a SharePoint admin and you are not interested in all the messages from the other products!)
  • You can see the sight usage reports within the total and active sites overview
  • The activity on files in the Files by activity type

But that is not all. While I had a look through the options in the let hand navigation I found within the Site management something that isn’t available within the old interface.

Office 365 - SharePoint Admin Center is changing 3

This is where the new bits are. First by having a look through the Templates that have been used for all the sites:

  • My Site Host
  • Enterprise Search Centrer
  • Team site (Woohoooo, Finally I can find all my team sites again!)
  • Communication site
  • Publishing site
  • PointPublishing Hub
  • Team Site (classic experience)
  • Tenant Admin site

Ok, a couple of new names for old things here. Personally I hadn’t ever noticed the PointPublishing Hub template. This seems to be the old content type hub.

Also note that Primary admins for teams are set to Group Owners! Who are they then? It looks like the primary owner for all teams are the same people.

The other thing I noticed is that the site info icon gives me some more details on each of the sites Unfortunately there isn’t an option yet to edit the site details, but I guess this is only the first day that this new experience is available. Also the Updating site data seems to be spinning around all the time.

Currently it is possible to change the view of the site management list, however it is not possible to store the adjusted view yet. This is something that the product team is working on though.

It is also possible to create new sites. When clicking on the New link a dialog with 3 options appears.

Office 365 - SharePoint Admin Center is changing 4

Office 365 - SharePoint Admin Center is changing 5

Then what else have we got in the new cool look?

The Administrator Recycle bin. Again things don’t 100% work yet. I tried restoring a site that I deleted a while back and the restore button doesn’t seem to work yet. Well at least I get an understanding of the look and feel:

Office 365 - SharePoint Admin Center is changing 6

Then finally there are some Settings in the new SharePoint admin center:

Office 365 - SharePoint Admin Center is changing 7

At the moment these settings only let you enable/disable the  new list experience and enable and disable notifications.But all looks good, and all makes sense in the larger let’s redevelop all we’ve got approach that Microsoft is going through at the moment.

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