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After yesterday’s post 5 reasons to use Azure LogicApps instead of Microsoft Flow you might have thought that I switched to using Azure LogicApps instead of Flow. Wrong! In this post I’m going to give 10 reasons to use Flow instead of LogicApps.

Reason 1 – Power Apps integration

When you use PowerApps and call flows from PowerApps you will know the magic that this can do for you. Quickly running a complicated set of actions on the click of a button. Or starting a Flow every time someone runs your app. Imagine receiving an email every time someone runs your app.

PowerApps Integration

Reason 2 – Licensing

Hey, this was a reason to use LogicApps!

Well, licensing can work in the advantage of both products. With Flow you know what you pay every month as it doesn’t depend on usage

Reason 3 – It is easy to get to

How much easier can it get than going to any modern document library and find that create a flow option in the menu!

create flow from library

Reason 4 – Mobile App

Flow App

One other benefit of Flow is that you can access almost anything within Flow form the Mobile App. Have you tried developing a flow from the mobile?

Do you want to check why a flow is failing while you are nowhere near a PC?

Reason 5 – Approvals

Approvals is another one of these features that you will only find in Microsoft Flow and not in Logic Apps. Can you do without approvals?

An approval flow

Reason 6 -BPF

Business Process Flows is something that is still quite new to Flow. Coming from the Dynamics related Common Data Services this is a whole new way to guide your users through the business process that they should follow.

I’m sure I will write many posts of this in the future. For now please have a look at the Business Process Flows documentation

Reason 7 – Geo fencing

The Location connector is another connector that is only available for Flow.

When I enter or exit an area

John Liu posts a nice example of this connector on twitter.

Reason 8 – Document Generation with Word

Generating documents using word (in an easy manner!) can be done with Flow.

There are two actions available within this connector

  • Convert Word Document to PDF
  • Populate a Microsoft Word template

You can use these actions to generate PDFs or to populate your variable data in document from your document properties.

Reason 9 – Buttons

Wouldn’t you like to click a button on your mobile phone just to start a flow?

Buttons in Flow, how can I not refer to Daniel Laskewitz’s post. This is a great feature very well described by my Dutch Flow friend.

Reason 10 -Data Los Prevention

The final advantage of Microsoft Flow is Data Los prevention. With the DLP policies you can configure which connectors can be combined in any flow that your users may create. e.g. you can make sure that users don’t collect information from your SharePoint intranet and publish the information on twitter using Flow.

Final thoughts

If you want any more information about choosing between Flow and Logic Apps and you have both reviewed this post and yesterday’s post then have a look at Kent Weary’s post as well.

By Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using

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