When a File is Created in LogicApps

If you have been following my posts over the recent year you will know that I like writing about Microsoft Flow. Microsoft Flow is the tool to use if you want to implement workflow or automation processes,however there are some reasons why you may want to use Azure Logic apps instead.

Reason 1 – Connectors

Some connectors are available in Azure LogicApps while they aren’t available in Microsoft Flow. Some of these connectors you can see below in the Enterprise tab.

The Enterprise tab in Logic Apps

See also my post about the MQ Series connector.

Reason 2- No Premium connectors

In flow you will find the Premium tab. The premium connectors will show you the connectors that you need to purchase a P1 or P2 licence for.

Premium Connectors

In Azure LogicApps these connectors are available.

Reason 3 – Licensing

In Flow licences are priced per user per month. In Azure you simply pay for what you use.  Depending on your process you could go for one or another. There isn’t really a best option that fits all implementations. The choice here could be quite tricky. Most of the times Flow will be the better option when you look at costs, however there are situations where LogicApps may be cheaper.

Reason 4 – Speed control

When you implement Flows for SharePoint you might have noticed that there is a trigger When a file is created or modified. Depending on your licence plan document libraries are polled more frequently.

When a file is created in Flow

In Azure LogicApps you can configure the frequency that you app checks a library.

When a file is created in Logic Apps

Note that you will get more apps running when you configure your trigger to check more often. This could increase the cost of your app.

Reason 5 – For You

Finally, I like the way LogicApps show the connectors that you have been using. Quite often in Flow connect into the same applications like for example SharePoint. For each action I want to add I need to select the SharePoint connector before I can select the action that I want. In LogicApps this has been made easier.

For You tab



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