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I’m sure all my followers are aware that I use Power Auotmate for a lot of the solutions that I deliver to my clients. Sometimes however Flow needs a bit of help from its Azure friend,  LogicApps. LogicApps and Flow are almost the same, but there are a few reasons why you might want to use LogicApps. In this post I will look at the MQ Series connector that I recently implemented for one of my clients.

IBM’s MQ Series

In short, MQ series is a queuing system that receives messages. These messages can be put on a queue and messages on queue can be read. Typically messages in XML format are put onto a queue and then another system that reads the message can collect the xml data and use the data in the Xml.

Azure LogicApps and the MQ series connector.

One of the connectors that isn’t available within Flow but is available in Azure Logic Apps is the MQ Series connector. The MQ Series connector has 3 actions that you could use.

  • Browse Message
  • Receive Message
  • Send Message

MQ Series Connector

There are no triggers. As there are no triggers it means that your Logic apps will have to collect the message on a regular basis. If your system needs to collect information from your IBM systems.

Sending message is likely to happen as part of your process. In my case we want to send a message to MQ when a document is uploaded. Therefore I can trigger my LogicApp using the triggers in the SharePoint connector.

Send Message

For my connection I used an Anonymous connection, however it is also possible to use MQ logins here.

Anonymous connection

Once all of the connections have been setup as expected. The messages will be send to MQ.

For You

As I don’t have a need for LogicApps very often. Flow is in general my preferred option. However one small feature is something that I really liked. In logicapp when you add an action there is a special tab For You. This For you tab offers you all the connectors that you have been using in your LogicApp. This really helps finding the actions when you reuse the same connectors multiple times in a single process.For You tab

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