In SharePoint Designer workflows it was easy to find your workflows, but how do you find your Power Automate flows in that relate to your item?

Troubleshooting Power Automate Flows

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Have you had the same problem I’ve had? A user complains about a flow failing and you have no way of finding the failing flow. You might even try to rerun your flow but which one to pick?

Power Automate flows in test flow

The solution is now here!

I’m starting with the workflow function. I’m adding this function ins a Compose step


This gives me the following output.

  "id": "/subscriptions/b1b36c61-d929-4258-8ace-6d31523e9820/resourceGroups/6300CD2A7667407C9251F30D77A6B805-030125C0AE7B4BC88A8A63602F20AB6A/providers/Microsoft.Logic/workflows/141e89fb-af2d-47ac-be25-f9176e64e9a0",
  "name": "141e89fb-af2d-47ac-be25-f9176e64e9a0",
  "type": "Microsoft.Logic/workflows",
  "location": "uksouth",
  "tags": {
    "flowDisplayName": "Button -> Condition",
    "environmentName": "07aa1562-fea6-4583-8d76-9a8e67cbf298",
    "environmentFlowSuspensionReason": "07aa1562:2Dfea6:2D4583:2D8d76:2D9a8e67cbf298-None"
  "run": {
    "id": "/subscriptions/b1b36c61-d929-4258-8ace-6d31523e9820/resourceGroups/6300CD2A7667407C9251F30D77A6B805-030125C0AE7B4BC88A8A63602F20AB6A/providers/Microsoft.Logic/workflows/141e89fb-af2d-47ac-be25-f9176e64e9a0/runs/08586722084717816659969428791CU12",
    "name": "08586722084717816659969428791CU12",
    "type": "Microsoft.Logic/workflows/runs"

Ok the above is just a bit of json but this is actually very helpful stuff. Before looking further at the above json I’m going to have a look at the url of my flow history. That matches the above run:

There are 3 guids that I need to find aso that I can build up the flow history url.

The first guid is my environmentName (07aa1562-fea6-4583-8d76-9a8e67cbf298), then I’ve got the flow name ( 141e89fb-af2d-47ac-be25-f9176e64e9a0) and finally the run (08586722084717816659969428791CU12).

Now all I need to do is update my triggering list item in SharePoint with the URL and I can find my flow history back!

The details steps can be found in part 2

By Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using

7 thoughts on “Which Power Automate Flow ran on my item?”
    1. Not sure if that would work though. The workflow function gives you the details of the flow while it is running. Once a flow has failed the status will be succeeded or failed but then the workflow function can’t be running anymore. If one flow could collect the workflow details form another flow run then that would be great.

  1. This does not appear to work anymore. The workflow() function returns a “name” property that does not match the GUID of flow. The actual GUID of the flow does not exist in any of the data returned from workflow(). I had this running for awhile, so the logic described here was correct at one point. Now when I check the value of workflow on an existing flow run, the data returned is wrong.
    The fact that the meaning of the data returned from this flow is not documented by Microsoft is an indication that it is subject to change.

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