Parameters in Flow from PowerApps

When you send data from Power Apps to Power Automate, do you use more than one parameter?

Power Apps and Power Automate integration

Within Power Apps  you can send data to Power Apps using the Ask in Power Apps in dynamic content. This quite quickly means that you end up with a lot of parameters when you want to pass a lot of data to your flow. This can become quite hard to manage.

Parameters using Ask In PowerApps

On top of this if you decide that you need an additional parameter you will have to disconnect your flow from your Power App after you added the additional parameter to your flow.

Less Parameters

In short, this can be a pain! A pain to be solved in this post.

I’m starting by creating a single input in my Flow. My input is called Compose_inputs, but you could call it anything you like.

Creating a new input parameter n Power Apps

Then in my Compose action I’m converting the json text to json object using the json function. You could of course also use the parse json action, however this will be more flexible as I might not know the exact format of my json that is sent to the flow.

JSON received by the Power Apps holds multiple input fields

In my Power App I’m adding a button that sets a variable with the json text that I want to send to Flow.

Sending the JSON to A Flow from Power Apps

My thoughts

The method described in this post:

  1. Avoids having to recreate the Power Apps/Flow integration when the number of parameters change
  2. Avoids many parameters when running flows from Power Apps
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7 thoughts on “1 Parameter to send your data from Power Apps to Power Automate”
  1. From PowerApps, you can use JSON() function to convert an object to JSON string, so you don’t have to concatnate strings manually. For example,


  2. Hi Pieter ,

    Just a thought if this button is a ribbon button what we need to do to call it from there using JS ?


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