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Connect PowerApps to a SharePoint list

Within PowerApps it is easy to take data from almost anywhere. As a SharePoint developer you might store data in SharePoint lists, but what if your data is stored with documents then it’s a whole different story or maybe not, but you will find some hurdles on your way.

Connect PowerApps to a SharePoint library

In my site I’ve got a Document Library with Resumes.In the  dialogue below I supplied the url of my site:

Connect to a SharePoint site

Then I’m trying to connect to my library, but when I try to connect to the site I only get the Choose a list but there are no lists or libraries found in my site by PowerApps .

No lists available

I saw a few videos and posts telling me that it is possible to connect to libraries by supplying the library name directly, however I don’t seem to have that option available. I decided to create a custom list called testlist and now when I connect to my site I get my test list and a “Enter custom table na….” so that I can supply my library name.

Enter custom table na... after creating a list on the site

Once I’ve connected to my library I can delete my list and all is working.



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  1. Yes, I encountered the same issue with a Task list. It didn’t show up as one of the lists I could connect to nor did I have the box to type one in…until I created another regular (i.e., “custom”) list.

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