List of Links in Approval

Today I had a look at the option to use Markdown in Approval tasks. All the basic information can be found in the documentation, Use Markdown in Microsoft Flow approval requests.

I was trying to include links in my approval task.

MarkDown links

The simple syntax for this is something like this:

[Link Text](Link URL)


Approval Links

Can I user the above to create multiple links like this:


List of Links in Approval


The Flow

In my flow I’m now getting all the files from a library using the get files action. Nothing complicated about that bit.

The next bit however is nicer. First we need to create a variable called Document Links. Then within an Apply to each step we add a link to the text variable.

The flow with multiple links

Then finally we can use the text variable to list all the documents in the approval action.


By Pieter Veenstra

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6 thoughts on “Using Markdown in Microsoft Flow approval actions”
  1. Hello,

    I have the feeling that the markdown does not work anymore as previously. Maybe something has been changed in Power Automate approvals?

      1. Indeed this is working fine. But the links with markdown with variables (as show in your article) are not working as expected. Have you also experienced this?

      2. I just tried the following code:

        # test
        ## test
        0. item 1
        0. item 2

        And the url appeared properly. For me the Compose_2 was holding the description of the hyperlink and the Compose action was holding the url.

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