List of Links in Approval

Using Markdown in Microsoft Flow approval actions

Today I had a look at the option to use Markdown in Approval tasks. All the basic information can be found in the documentation, Use Markdown in Microsoft Flow approval requests.

I was trying to include links in my approval task.

MarkDown links

The simple syntax for this is something like this:

[Link Text](Link URL)


Approval Links

Can I user the above to create multiple links like this:


List of Links in Approval


The Flow

In my flow I’m now getting all the files from a library using the get files action. Nothing complicated about that bit.

The next bit however is nicer. First we need to create a variable called Document Links. Then within an Apply to each step we add a link to the text variable.

The flow with multiple links

Then finally we can use the text variable to list all the documents in the approval action.


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