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Have you tried using terminate in the middle of an apply to each? Did you get The operation terminate cannot be used inside a for each?

Cancel Flow Run instead of Terminate in the middle of an apply to each in Power Automate Microsoft Power Automate image 24


The terminate action is so often misused. As I mentioned a while back the terminate action should really not be used. But if you are inside an apply to each processing 1000s of records then cancelling out might be something that you want to do.

Cancel flow runs

There is now an option to cancel a flow run. As shown in the following example, I want to terminate my flow when the value of the item being processes is set to 4.

Cancel Flow Run

Using the Cancel Flow Run action you can now cancel your flow runs.

Yes, you could use this to cancel other flows( e.g. get a parent flow to cancel a child flow. Or the other way around. But you can also use this to cancel the current flow run.

Configure the cancel Flow Run action

To cancel the current run all we have to do is configure the actions as shown below:

Cancel Flow Run action

For the Environment we can use:


For the Flow can use:


For the Run ID we can use:


So just with a few simple expressions, we can cancel the current flow run, even inside an apply to each or do until step.

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