Name in activating SharePoint features in onet.xml

Some basic information about activating features in the onet.xml can be found on the MSDN site.

So the general format is something like this

<Feature  Id = “Text”  SourceVersion = “Text”>

Also SourceVersion hasn’t been documented very well. Source Version is the version of the feature that you would like to activate. In general I leave the version away so that the latest version of the feature will be activated.

So you could add something like this to your onet.xml:

<Feature ID=”94C94CA6-B32F-4da9-A9E3-1F3D343D7ECB”>
        <!– Office SharePoint Server Publishing –>

I’ve always thought that relying on a comment in order to make it clearer what each feature does is a bit uggly.

Since i’ve enabled Intellisense in my VS2010 environment I discovered the following Name option:

<Feature ID=”4ed36276-5dcc-4c1a-89b0-209de9477b1f” Name=”My Feature” />

At last my list of active features is a lot clearer and shorter.

This option doesn’t seem to be documented on msdn unfortunately, but I’ve really started to like it.

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