In part 1 of this article we setup the infrastructure that is required by an App Catalog. In part 2 we’re going through the steps of creating the App Catalog itself:

Managed Path

Add a new managed path to the sharepoint.myspsite.local web application

  • Click Application Management.
  • On the Application Management page, click Manage web applications.
  • Click SharePoint – sharepoint.myspsite.local:80, and then on the ribbon, click Managed Paths.
  • On the Define Managed Paths dialog box, under Add a New Path, in the Path box, type contosoapps.
  • In the Type list, click Explicit inclusion, click Add Path, and then click OK.

Create an app catalog

  • Click Apps.
  • On the Apps page, under App Management, click Manage App Catalog.
  • On the Manage App Catalog page, ensure Create a new app catalog site is selected.
  • Ensure the Web Application is http://sharepoint.myspsite.local. If it is not, click the current web application, click Change Web Application, and then in the Select Web Application dialog box, click SharePoint – sharepoint.myspsite.local80.
  • On the Manage App Catalog page, click OK.
  • On the Create App Catalog page, in the Title box, type MySPSite Apps.
  • Under Web Site Address, in the URL list, click /myapps.
  • Under Primary Site Collection Administrator, in the User name box, type DOMAIN\Administrator.
  • Under End Users, in the Users/Groups box, type Everyone, and then click OK.

Configure app URLs

  • Click Apps.
  • On the Apps page, under App Management, click Configure App URLs.
  • On the Configure App URLs page, in the App domain box, type myspsiteapps.local.
  • In the App prefix box, type myspsite, and then click OK.

Configure SharePoint store settings

  • On the Apps page, under SharePoint and Office Store, click Configure Store Settings.
  • On the SharePoint Store Settings page, under App Purchases, click No, and then click OK.

Results: After completing this exercise, you should have created and configured a corporate catalog.

Part 1

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