I created number of Taxonomy fields in SharePoint 2013 in two different lists. When an item is added to one list I want to copy the values of the taxonomy from one item to another.

When the taxonomy fields didn’t want to copy I decided to use the field Type the differentiate between the Taxonomy fields and the other fields.

My field definition starts with

<Field Type=TaxonomyFieldType

So that should be easy enough

use SPFieldType.TaxonomyFieldType ….

No that doesn’t exist!

Note, Text, Url, … All field types exist but Taxonomy field type doesn’t

Then I started to debug my code and checked what field type I should use and I found that the field type is actually marked as invalid


So what is the next step?

I created a switch in my code and left the SPFieldType.Invalid for my taxonomy fields. Hopefully there aren’t too many other unsupported field types in the next release of SharePoint?

To clean things up a little bit I used TypeAsString with values of either TaxonomyFieldType or TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti  to make sure that I got the right type.

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