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Today I tried to access a SharePoint REST API from my Silverlight Web Part and I got a Security Error. I quite quickly got a great article describing all about the clientaccesspolicy.xml, but it was still not working.

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Then I tried in my browser to go to http://myurl.mydomain.local/clientaccesspolicy.xml and I found that a previous version was being displayed in my browser. I did an IISReset, but this file didn’t want to be updated. I cleared the browser cache and my file got updated. Quite annoying … browser caching.

By Pieter Veenstra

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One thought on “Silverlight – REST API – Security Error”
  1. Browser caching definitely can get pretty annoying. I usually find whenever I’m testing anything SharePoint related I’m always popping it open in a private window/tab. That way caching isn’t persistent between sessions. Though this is also probably because I test lots of authentication related scenarios, so this is a very easy way to keep from having to clear out those pesky cookies all of the time.

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