SharePoint 2013 – Nintex – Store Task ID in Collect Data Task, Request Approval and Request Review

Nintex Tasks

Nintex Workflow has various actions that create tasks:

  • Request Data
  • Request Approval
  • Request Review
  • Assign Flexi task
  • Assign to-do task

Store Task IDs in

All of these actions have the Store Task IDs in setting.


This is very useful when you create for example an approval task and you want to collect the comment form the task.

All you have to do is create a variable to store the task ID in and the above drop down is populated. So I’m creating a TaskID variable as shown below:

TASKID1For request data my TaskID variable appears in the drop down, but for all of the other ones Task ID remains hidden.

Your Solution

Then I created my variable again and this time as an integer and now my variable appears in all types of task actions.



Now my task ID appears. I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind the List Item Id type only being supported for Request Approval but from now onwards I’ll only create a variable of the Integer type as Integer seems to always work.







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