Office 365 – SharePoint Online – Accessibility mode or PDF converter?

Today I tried to create a new document in Office 365’s SharePoint Online. Nothing new I hear you say, you can do that on the back of a surf board, while on holiday. So I thought I ‘ll give that a go:

Getting wet feet on surf board

As I got wet feet I thought better try it just at my desk.

So I created a new document:

Then I chose to open the document in Preview:

Created a new document


Then within the Preview screen there is the option Accessibility mode

Open document in previewer


So what does this do. As always there is only one way to find out, click on the option:

Opened document in previewer as pdf

First thing I noticed is that Document.pdf at the left hand top of my browser window.

Has my word document been converted to pdf?

Well there is a download button at the right hand side? So again I click the button and yes, I’m getting the pdf save button. Directly from SharePoint I can now create a pdf.

Unfortunately the above dialog doesn’t default to the original location of the word document that I’m previewing. But this is a nice hidden feature that will work quite nicely.

Then I’ll complete this post with a small bonus. Did you notice the Previous/Next control? This lets you move through all the documents in the library without leaving the previewer. This is also available in the View mode (this is the name for the not accessible version of the viewer)

Previous - Next controls


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