SharePoint / Microsoft Flow – Maintain List details for no-code developers

This post is part of my User guide to using the SharePoint REST API in Microsoft Flow for no-code developers series.

I will look at the following operations on a list in this post.

  • Create a list
  • Get the list details.
  • Update lists details
  • Delete a list

Getting the list details is easy using the Send an HTTP request to SharePoint  action. Simply select the Site Address and supply the API uri then supply the body details and a SharePoint coder would be quite happy to create all of this within less than no time. I have found however that no-code developers struggle sometimes.

To make this easy for no-coders, I’m going to start by setting some variables.

  • ListName
  • ListDescription

Create a list

Now I can create a list using my 2 variables:

Looking at my flow run history, my list is created:

Get a list

Getting the list details of the list that we just created is now just as easy as shown below:

Now to get for example the title of the list (I agree why would you want to get the title of a list if you know the title of the list), use something like the following expression in an initialize varibale or compose action:


Update a list

To update an existing list we need to do the similar things as when we create a list. In the headers use X-HTTP-Method and set it to MERGE.

Delete a list

To delete the list we just need to supply the API Uri. In the headers use X-HTTP-Method and set it to DELETE.

5 thoughts on “SharePoint / Microsoft Flow – Maintain List details for no-code developers

  1. Hi Pieter

    Could the ‘Update a List’ section be used to rename a list, or only to add more data? I’m looking to check some lists and if each item is marked as ‘validated’ then I want to append “Completed” to list name.


      1. Hi Pieter

        Many thanks for the super quick reply – and yes, that’s correct, only the DisplayName needs to change. I’ve never used these HTTP requests before so I’m a little lost looking at it!


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