SharePoint Owners

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just reuse permissions and set your flow owners on SharePoint lists on your flows?

Flow owners

When you’ve used Power Automate for a while you will most likely have discovered the Team Flows.

A My Flow/Cloud flow turns into Team Flow when additional owners have been added to a flow. To manage these users from the  flow UI can be a painful job as the users may have to change every now and then.

Owners of a flow

Just by adding email addresses of people or by adding groups you can set permissions. But there is another option.

SharePoint based flow owners

If you have a flow that uses the SharePoint connector you will see the SharePoint tab in the Owners setting.

Using SharePoint to manage the Flow owners

In the SharePoint Owners settings you can select a list. By selecting a site and a list or library from the drop downs you can set all of the users with full control on the selected list or library as owners on your flow. This option is especially useful if you are a citizen developer who wants to make the ownership sharing easy.

As more administrators are added to a site, all of these administrators will automatically get access to the flow.

By Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications Microsoft MVP working as a Principal Architect at HybrIT Services Ltd. You can contact me using

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