Have you looked at connecting to on-premises data with the PowerPlatform yet? Are you worried about security? In this post I’m looking at the available security options in the Data Gateway.

First of all when you visit your Flow or Powerapps site you may have noticed the Gateway option that was added recently.

No gateway

When you click on the New gateway button you can download the On-premises Data Gateway.

Download gateway

Or you simply go to the following url:

Then as you go through the installation steps …

Install gateway

You will find that you gateway(s) is lists



Now you can do 3 things.

  • Share
  • Delete
  • Details


Manage Gateway


Table of Contents

The details will show you the connections where the gateway has been used and it will help you find out if your gateway is part of a cluster of gateways.


Details Manage Cluster Gateway

Share My Gateway


Share Gateway


Test User Added


Now you can give other users access to your gateway as well. Note that you can only add internal users.

Once you have added a user you can give them one of the permission levels to either use, use and share or Admin

Share Gateway options

But that is not all. Have you noticed that you can disable the gateway for certain applications. If you only want to open up your MySQL then you can do so here by de-selecting all the other options.

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