A lot of changes have been happening in Office 365/SharePoint Online recently. Followers of my blog will already have read the articles:

Now that the new lists have arrived I thought I better make this series complete the a new complete overview about the latest new features is here.

Lists however seem to be more complicated than libraries. So there may still be a few more posts to follow. As I’m writing this blog post I realised that Flow and PowerApps deserve their own posts.

When you visit a new look list for the first time you get the introduction screens again:



As with the new look library the property edit form now appear with the (i) option in the navigation.


One of the new options is the link to  Flow.

newlooklist4You can now create PowerApp directly from the new look lists.


Managing views can be done from the view drop down in the list.

Ok that is the quick introduction to the new lists.

List Navigation

When a list is loaded the following menu will appear. Most of these options are the same or similar to before. With the exception of Flow and PowerApps.


Once an item has been selected this menu will change to


Also note the search icon on the left hand site. This now replaces the  search box that we were all used to.

Lists settings have now moved into the settings menu. Next to the Office 365 Settings and Site Settings:


List Item Filtering

To filter by properties in a list:


Select the filter by option:


and find the filtered results:


Item Context menu


a couple of new options have now appeared in the item menu. Get a link now gives a dialog giving a link to the list item:


Also Copy field to Clipboard is new. I’m guessing that this option should copy field values to my clipboard, however this option doesn’t seem to work:





Create a Flow

The first new options is now to create new Flows in a SharePoint list.

Create a Flow

When creating a new flow a number of predefined flows is presented toCreateaFlow4

the user.  I selected the When an existing list item is modified, complete a custom action



Sign in may now  be required:


Then when I connect I get the following Failed to save claims error:


More about this in my following posts.

Create an App

Next to the Flow option in the new look lists you can find PowerApps.


Again, I tried this straight away:



And I’m getting the following “Error creating app from data” error:


I’m not going to solve this issue in this post as I’m mainly going through the different options in the new look list. So like with flow, you will have to wait until my next post.



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