How do you troubleshoot Microsoft Teams?

Get the troubleshoot Microsoft Teams logs

Over the last few months Microsoft Teams has been making a great impact! It’s been awesome to see an application that gives you the call and video functionality of Skype for Business and the collaboration strengths of SharePoint together with integration options with other application.

Over the last few days however there has been quite a lot of trouble with Microsoft Teams. And the options to troubleshoot Microsoft Teams are more and more important. I’m glad that Microsoft have made it easy to troubleshoot Microsoft Teams.

Just to give a bit of an idea of the impact that faulty Channels in teams has, here is one of the conversations on Tech Community.

So how do you troubleshoot Teams.

The magic key combination is: Ctrl – Shift – Alt – 1

troubleshoot Microsoft Teams

Well that is the easy part of troubleshooting Microsoft Teams!

I’m not going to try and understand all the messages here, but there seem to be two parts to this file.

First there is a bit of json formatted text:

“userAgent”: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Teams/ Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Electron/1.7.1 Safari/537.36”,
“sessionId”: “414f85d5-fbf1-f9b4-f290-17b3b7418dad”,
“version”: {
“buildDate”: “2017-07-19T00:07:39.747Z”,
“versionDate”: “2017-07-18T23:46:35.000Z”,
“versionHash”: “aff87a541c1617faad141e6d6ee80aea44b9505b”,
“clientVersion”: “27/”,
“semver”: “1.0.2017071801”
“stateHistory”: [
“url”: “:middlePane/:slug?threadId&messageId&ctx&context”,

“views”: {
“0@”: {
“templateUrl”: “components/middle-messages-stripe/middle-messages-stripe.html”,
“controller”: “MiddleMessagesStripeController”,
“controllerAs”: “middleMessagesStripe”

This is followed by lines that have a time stamp, an message level and a message.

The message levels that I have seen are:

  • War : Warning
  • Err: Error
  • Inf: Information

2017-08-03T14:28:26.278Z War Analytics service: Panel data not present to populate panel action, falling back to main

2017-08-03T14:28:26.278Z War Analytics service: Panel data not present to populate panel action, falling back to main

2017-08-03T14:28:26.175Z Inf AUTHSSO:ELEC: IPC correlationId:8b4fd8eb-de46-4fef-82c8-c1c41348fe0d call success. sendEvent:sso-getAdalSsoToken-send receiveEventsso-getAdalSsoToken-receive

2017-08-03T14:28:26.174Z Inf AUTHSSO:ELEC: IPC correlationId:8b4fd8eb-de46-4fef-82c8-c1c41348fe0d call returned. sendEvent:sso-getAdalSsoToken-send receiveEventsso-getAdalSsoToken-receive

2017-08-03T14:28:23.061Z War MessageThreadListViewModel: Attempt was made to add start marker again

2017-08-03T14:28:23.050Z Inf MessageService: getMessagesForReplyChains() latestDeliveryTimeExclusive: undefined replyChainCount: 5
2017-08-03T14:28:22.730Z War conversationToChannel: ThreadTopic – Name mismatch!
2017-08-03T14:28:22.391Z Err Unhandled exception. Error: [ngRepeat:dupes], cause:

The above errors show that there were some errors with the channels, which matches the issue in the above tech community link. Microsoft is currently working on this.

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By Pieter Veenstra

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