Microsoft Teams – All Keyboard short cuts

Within Microsoft teams there are a number of keyboard shortcuts available. They are not always obvious (e.g. Alt E for Search). In this post there is a complete overview of the available shortcuts:


Show keyboard shortcuts: Alt + / 
Search: Alt + E   
New chat: Alt + N
Open settings: Alt + G
Open help: Alt + H
Close/move focus: Esc
Go to next section: Ctrl + F6
Go to next section: Shift + Ctrl + F6


Open Activity: Alt + 1
Open Chat: Alt + 2
Open Microsoft Teams: Alt + 3
Open Meetings: Alt + 4
Open Files: Alt + 5
Previous list item: Alt + Up
Next list item: Alt + Down
Previous tab: Alt + Left
Next tab : Alt + Right


Compose new message: C
Toggle full editor: Alt + X
Send (expanded compose box): Ctrl + Enter
Start a new line: Shift + Enter
Attach file: Alt + A
Open the emoji menu: Alt+Q
Reply to thread: R


Accept Incoming call with video: Ctrl + Alt + A
Accept Incoming call with audio: Ctrl + Alt + S
Decline incoming call: Ctrl + Alt + D
Start audio call: Ctrl + Alt + C
Start video call: Ctrl + Alt + V
Toggle mute: Ctrl + Alt + M
Toggle video: Ctrl + Alt + O
Toggle fullscreen: Ctrl + Alt + F


Download the logs: Ctrl – Shift – Alt – 1

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