Today, I traveled to London to visit one of my customers. I thought that using the train’s wifi would be a great way to quickly pickup some documents from my Office 365 SharePoint online configuration but no luck there:

Office 365 - Working anywhere you like? Aaah, certificates blocked. Microsoft Office 365 cert

I tried a couple of my tenants ( just in case), but no luck. My mobile that is not on a wifi simply works, so there isn’t anything wrong with my SharePoint site.

Has anybody else seen this before, that  wifi is blocking SharePoint online?

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3 thoughts on “Office 365 – Working anywhere you like? Aaah, certificates blocked.”
  1. What does the certificate presented to your browser look like? Perhaps they are intercepting the traffic and presenting an alternative certificate. If the user’s browser is able to accept their dubious certificate, then they can observe supposedly encrypted data – SSL MITM.

    Fiddler might be a useful tool to see what’s going on in this case. Fiddler uses a similar method to decrypt HTTPS traffic.

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