Taking the DIY a bit further

In Part 1 of this series of posts I have looked at how to create custom connectors in Power Automate.

The next steps to creating custom connectors

If after reading part 1 you are still happy to do all the DIY, then here is the next part of my series about custom connectors. In this post I’m updating an existing custom connector. Custom connector could of course use custom APIs, but in this post I will look at the MS Graph api are this simplifies the issues that you might run into with authentication.

Importing a custom connector

In this post I will look at updating an existing connector. Once again I’ve take the Create Team connector as a base example. I’ve imported this custom connector and I now have this connector in my Flow environment.

Create custom connector within Power Automate, ready to export

I can now decide to download the swagger file and go for the painful option or I can edit the connector directly within Flow.

Updating the custom connector

I’m going to edit my connector directly within Flow.

Edit Flow

Now i can make the adjustments that I need and update the connector simply by clicking the update connector link. I can now also add more triggers and more actions as I need them.

More Actions

Once I’ve completed all my changes it is important to do some basic testing.

Basic Testing

This is where you can see if the Create Team connector could still do with some improvements or if you are happy to release this connector.

If I want to add some more fields or change the type of the field  all I will need to do is change the body of my request by clicking the ellipses menu.

Request Body

Then each field is shown and each field can be configured.


For example if I want to change the Allow custom memes settings then I could do so.

Allow Custom memes

As shown above. This is where you can configure drop downs. Even dynamics drop downs that take their source from another operation can be created without any need for real code.

By Pieter Veenstra

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