Flooded systems

Today, some of my friends were finding problems with the SharePoint connector related to 429 errors not being reported properly by Flow properly. Apparently the SharePoint API is giving 429 errors, however the Flow connector it reporting 401 error messages.

This made me think about rerunning my 429 error tests and I noticed a few strange behaviours.

General setup

I’ve got a test list in SharePoint and a Flow that creates 4 items when a new item is created.

Flow Checker

Thew Flow Checker immediately throws 4 warnings about infinite loops at me.

Flow Overload

Then as a start to flood the system I noticed that my successful flows are throwing warnings too

Warnings in Flow

And when I hover over the warnings I see the Error loading component.

Error Loading component

Some of my flows failed and report the Rate limit is exceeded. Try again in 2 seconds

Failed with Error 429 in Flow

It looks like something has changed in the Flow connectors as I’ve not seen this behaviour like this before. Of course the easy fix here is make sure that you don’t have infinite loops!

Also, I noticed that the flows flood a lot faster than in the past when I ran the same tests. This probably shows that some of the performance improvements made are taking affect.

I also tried a similar test where I’m flooding the system a bit slower by removing 2 of the create items

Less Actions

Now my flow runs work a lot better and the Error Loading Component warnings disappeared. This might be another lesson learned. When you flood a system do it slowly.  To solve these kind of flooded system problems you could consider:

  1. Build in a delay
  2. Increase time outs

In my above ‘silly’ test, I’m simply doing something that shouldn’t be done, but plenty of business systems do have really heavy peaks. These peaks could be handled with the delay or timeout solutions.



By Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using contact@veenstra.me.uk.

2 thoughts on “Flooded Microsoft Flow showing Error Loading Component”
  1. It is quite appalling – someone has done something to the backend which has broken heaps of SharePoint based flows.

    Notwithstanding their silly Common Data Service DB upgrade which only gave admins around 2 days notice to upgrade – approval flows were failing left, right and centre! (Our environment doesn’t use the CDS DB but approval flows apparently do, at least implicitly!)

    1. Hi Hubert,
      I am quite sure that I had months of warning to upgrade the CDS before it was force upon me.
      These latest changes have not affected my flows at all luckily.

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