AI Builder – Form Processing

Recently the PowerPlatform had a new module added, the AI Builder.

AI Builder modules

With the AI builder you can do 4 things:

  • Form Processing
  • Object Detection
  • Prediction
  • Text Classification

The 4 different modelling options in AI Builder

Form Processing

In this post I will have a look at the Form Processing module.

Similar to my post about DocParser handling invoices. You can also use AI Builder to do this.

Create an AI Model for Form processing

Once you have created on the Create button all you have to do is upload your invoices or any other document that you want to process.

Add documents to model


Once you have uploaded document you will need to identify your data on the documents


invoices uploaded

Note that you will need at least 5 documents before you can go over to the next step. If you thought that you could just rename the same document 5 times then you are wrong. AI build looks at the content of the files not just the name of the files!

Analyze the uploaded documents


Once you have uploaded the 5 documents the Analyze button will be enabled. The analyzing of the document can take a while and sometimes you might get errors like the one shown below:


Try Again later

Even if you do get the above failure, just try again and you should end up with the following step where you can seelct the fields on the document

Select Fields in AI Builder



Invoice Scanned

Selecting the fields

You can now select each of the fields and AI builder will suggest field names for you. You just have to click the ones that you are interested in.


Select the fields on the invoice


Train the model

Now we are ready to train the model.

Ready to train

When you hit the train button quite quickly you will get the Training complete message

Training Complete

On the details page you can publish your model and now it can be used within Flow or PowerApps.

Details Page AI Model


If you want to you can also do a quick test where you could upload some more documents to see if your data is found. This whole process is very easy to use and it works extremely well! I have build quite a few invoice handling systems in the past and my experiences of the AI build are definitely there with the best other products available

Use the Model

Once the model has been published you can use the model and even this bit has been made easy.

Use Model


The above screen will get you to the normal App creation dialogues where you can add a name of an app.

Create the PowerApp

Now select the Form Processor in PowerApps.

Create the Power App


Select the AI Demo model that I created earlier


Select the Model created in AI Buidler

Upload an invoice in my PowerApp to the Form Processor control

Upload an invoice in the power app

And Boom! I’ve got my invoice data and any other data available inside my app!

OCR-ed the details from my invoice








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  1. this is brilliant!
    So what used to cost an arm and a leg to develop can now be done by the average power user (if they find the time, that is)

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