PowerPlatformLearn.com by Rory Neary

It can be difficult to get started with the Power Platform, blogs help, training helps, but powerplatformlearn.com can definitely help!


Learning can be done in so many ways. Personally I like to develop my applications and flows with the knowledge that I have within the Power Platform and then whenever I get stuck I use blogs and videos recording by other community members.

In the past I used the forums for Power Apps and Power Automate and I even used my own blog posts quite often. It is amazing when you battle with an issue and you find the solution within one of your own posts.

In short you can learn in many different ways. There isn’t a right or a wrong. Well, not learning is wrong of course!

The all new PowerPlatformLearn.com

Recently Rory Neary, created a new learning platform for the Power Platform. With a fresh new look this site is going to go straight into my favourites list.

PowerPlatformLearn.com From zero to hero

On PowerPlatofrmLearn.com, you will quickly find the from Canvas Power Apps from zero to hero course.

With 100s of short videos, Rory has hit the right spot here. One of the subjects that Rory is talking about is filtering, with 9 videos, he addresses things like search, sorting and delegation.

1 Top tip: PowerPlatformLearn.com and master the Power Platform within no time Microsoft Office 365 image 18

When I started with Power Apps, it would have been so much easier if I had has all to videos available to me.

Do you want to find out what PowerPlatformLearn.com is all about? Then better have a look now. Try one of those previews and you will know what I’m talking about.

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