SharePoint Exception 0x8107026E When Activating Web Template Feature

My Elements.xml looked like this:



<WebTemplate Name=GeneralTitle=General siteDescription=General web template for sitesBaseTemplateID=1BaseTemplateName=BLANKINTRANETBaseConfigurationID=0DisplayCategory=“My Category />


In my Visual Studio 203 project I created a onext.xml in a folder MyGeneralTemplate and now I’m getting a deployment exception 0x8107026E.

When I checked that the onet.xml was deployed to the right location all seemed to be fine.

Failed to open the file ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\Template\Features\MyProject_WebTemplates\MyGeneralGeneral\onet.xml’.

I then updated my elements.xml from <WebTemplate Name=”General to <WebTemplate Name=”MyGeneralTemplate so that the template name and the folder name match.

And my project is now deploying fine

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