SharePoint 2013 – Hiding Recent from the Navigation

In SharePoint 2013 there is a new feature. Every list that is added to the Current Navigation appears under a heading Recent.


I have seen quite a few JQuery/JavaScript solutions but why make things difficult?

Simply add the following css:

#sideNavBox li > span
display: none;

And the recent heading disappears. This uses the idea that the Recent Heading doesn’t have a url set and therefore it contains the spans directly within the li element.

There is only one downside that I have seen so far and that other headings without a link will also disappear.

One important thing now to make your lists appear in the left hand navigation the Static display levels will need to be corrected I the master page used by your site. If you use a seatle.master based master page search for StaticDisplayLevels=”3″ and replace it withStaticDisplayLevels=”4″


Update: Recently I found an easier way of hiding the Recent option.

  1. Create a SharePoint group “Nobody”
  2. Go to Site Settings and Navigation
  3. find the Recent item and click on Edit.
  4. Now set the audience targeting to the Nobody group.

4 thoughts on “SharePoint 2013 – Hiding Recent from the Navigation

  1. That last bit of advice on creating a target group was excellent. Solved my problem in a super easy way. Thank you!

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