Uninstall-SPUserSolution : Feature ‘7436371b-c242-440d-b7c3-d2bff6661c77’ is not activated at this scope

Uninstall Solution

I’m trying to uninstall a sandbox solution in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell.

I’m using the following cmdlet Uninstall-SPUserSolution

Uninstall-SPUserSolution -Confirm:$false -Site $siteUrl -Identity $solutionname

And I’m getting the following error:

Uninstall-SPUserSolution : Feature ‘7436371b-c242-440d-b7c3-d2bff6661c77’ is not activated at this scope.

This problem is similar to the one described on the Microsoft Visual Studio site

I am uninstalling a solution with two features that have feature dependencies. So I’m getting this error twice and then the 3rd time when I run this I’m not getting any errors anymore.

Your Solution

I’m running the command from a larger script so all I want is to suppress the error
Uninstall-SPUserSolution -Confirm:$false -Site $siteUrl -Identity $solutionname | Out-Null

So to remove the whole sandbox solution I’ve got the following code:

$solution = Get-SPUserSolution -Site $siteUrl -Identity $solutionname
if ( $solution )
   # if deactivation of a feature fails then retry again.
   while ( $solution.Status -eq "Activated")
       Uninstall-SPUserSolution -Confirm:$false -Site $siteUrl -Identity $solutionname
       $solution = Get-SPUserSolution -Site $siteUrl -Identity $solutionname
       if ( $solution.Status -eq "Deactivated")
         Remove-SPUserSolution -Confirm:$false -Site $siteUrl -Identity $solutionname

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