Office 365 – SharePoint Online – Creating counters in your refinement I found this article in which Microsoft describes how to create refinement panels with counters

A couple of issues in this article.

First of all when I downloaded the filter_default.html display template i found that the following lines appeared below the closing </html> tag:

var g_duration = 125;
var g_iisLatency = 1;
var g_requireJSDone = new Date().getTime();

when I then uploaded the filter display template I got:

mediumThis  error point towards the above script section outside the html tags.

I then moved the script lines inside the html tags ( just following the last div and the refiners are working.







Then now my second issue with the above article. out of the box display templates should never be edited. Always create a copy and rename display templates to have a useful name. Then apply the template to the web part.

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  1. Hi, it’s better if you just remove this script altogether. It’s added dynamically from the server each time the page is refreshed. You don’t need to keep it.

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