For a long time Office 365 as shown thee overviews:


When creating a new site collection the Server Resource Quote seems to be ignored.


But not anymore.


When adding 300 resources while there are only 200 available you will now get the message

Please enter an integer between 0 and 200.

So what happens when you use all your resources?

First of all you now get a warning:


Next to the red bar which has existed for quite a while. you will now also get the following warning:

You are approaching the maximum resource usage limit.


In my case I initially exceeded the limit as These checks haven’t been in place long yet. Resource settings used to be simply ignored.


Once you have hit the limit you will need to purchase more resources. I haven’t found a negative affect for selecting less resources when creating a new team sites, but I’ve got the feeling that that may be on its way.






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