Microsoft Teams – Where have all my chats gone to?

Microsoft Teams has a great feature for chats. You can very quickly start a chat with a colleague of multiple colleagues and all of these chats are kept within Microsoft Teams forever. Well at least until you delete the team of course.

When you’ve been using the chats you will find that history of the chats is available:

Microsoft Teams - Where have all my chats gone to? 1I have found however that only the most recent 2 weeks worth is still there with the default bot message showing the date when I started my chats. Where have all the other chats gone to then? How do I get to these?

At the top of the list there is a View name ‘Recent’. At the moment there is only a recent view within the Microsoft Teams App. So there doesn’t seem to be a way to get to the older conversations.

Well siMicrosoft Teams - Where have all my chats gone to? 2mply use the search and find your older conversations.

You can now filter by either messages, people of files.

A bit of a hidden feature but very useful to find your older data in Microsoft Teams.

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