One of the features that Microsoft teams offers is Wiki pages. Wikis will typically be used as a knowledge base. The general problem with a knowledge base is that people might not exactly know what they are looking for therefore a search or filtering is critical to the success of the knowledge base. It’s the same within Microsoft Teams.

So my colleague created a wiki all about Agile processes.

Then I tried to search for the word “Ceremonies” in Messages in Microsoft Teams and I found some of the conversations. So far so good!

Microsoft Teams - Search and Wiki pages Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams wiki

Now I’ll try to find the Wikis so I clicked on the Files tab.

Microsoft Teams - Search and Wiki pages Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams files

Hmm, it looks like only the file names are used to search for the files. That isn’t very good. I want to be able to find my wiki content by searching for the content and even worse when I look click on one of the above one note files, I get:

Microsoft Teams - Search and Wiki pages Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams searchfailure

Has anyone successfully been able to search for the content of Wikis and Onenote in Microsoft Teams?  Looking at the uservoice below it looks like I’m not the only one having a problem with Search in Microsoft teams:

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8 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams – Search and Wiki pages”
  1. Great post, Pieter. Agreed, this is preposterous. I am curious if you have since found a way to use Teams as a knowledge base tool?

    I am designing current best practice in an Engineering org that has adopted Teams, for better or worse. I read someone’s idea a while back for a workaround to not use the Wiki, but to consolidate all of a Team’s Wikis into a channel therein called “Wiki”, and use subject headers, markup, and edit capability to author your now-searchable content in every top post in the channel. I’m inclined to use this approach for now instead of proliferating content in such dark corners as Teams Wikis.

    Do you have thoughts on this approach, or have any other suggestions for workarounds _using Teams today_?

    1. Hi Tim,

      I’ve not found a better way to make Wiki’s searchable, however I have implemented a knowledge base in Teams recently. Within PowerApps I developed a knowledge base that was based on SharePoint lists (but of course it could use any other datasource). Then I made the PowerApp available in both SharePoint and teams as an app. This actually resulted in quite a nice solution where the user can use the Knowledge base wherever they prefer to work.

      1. Thanks Pieter. I’ve not created a Power App before. So were you able to make this Power Apps content searchable via Teams search?

      2. Gotcha. So, e.g. when your user has a question, they go to the app in SP or Teams channel tab, and do the search there, and the standard Teams search bar won’t find any content in the PowerApps db?

  2. The full text search is a really important feature, and for almost three years Microsoft is ignoring the users voice.

    If you urgently need a wiki with full text search and a bunch of other cool features (for example, export to PDF) I can suggest to try Perfect Wiki. It’s the only one wiki fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, which will be soon officially available in the Teams Marketplace.


  3. Hi Pieter!
    couldn’t show what yours looks like
    application, what is its appearance and fnuctional.

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