Today I was asked how you control updates being installed for the Microsoft Teams client.

Well, you don’t.

Why would you want to control updates in general?

  • Avoid unexpected downtime
  • Ensure that users don’t find any new features
  • Microsoft Teams - How do you control client updates? Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams cloudEnsure that application don’t break by too early released updates

But actually you should ask yourself, I’m I trying to control updates or am I just a control freak?

Are you worried about Microsoft updating your cloud based systems? No? Well most of the applications are updated at least once a month. And when something goes wrong Microsoft fixes things faster than I’ve ever managed with on premises systems. I’m talking about updates like SharePoint CUs, service packs or feature packs.

Microsoft is responsible for the updates to the cloud based system. Then why not trust them to updates the client side too?

And for Microsoft Teams controlling client updates make even less sense as Microsoft Teams can also be accessed through the browser through your Office 365 App Launcher.

And imagine when Microsoft makes fundamental changed to Microsoft Teams and your old version of the client doesn’t support this yet? You might actually take risks by not doing the updates? And I haven’t even mentioned security updates yet. Do you really not want to install those security updates?

Now that we’re all relaxed about the Microsoft Teams client updates? Shall we take this a step further?

How about your Office clients? Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio? You can use the online versions of these applications as well, Again you don’t have any control over these online apps then why worry about the click to run Office 365 versions of your Office applications?

So now are we ready for the next step?

How about your windows 10 updates?



By Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using

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