You started using Microsoft Teams and someone didn’t understand the difference between folders and channels.

Folders vs Channels

Some folders were created the SharePoint library. Now you’ve decided that these folders should be turned into channels.

Quite a common issue isn’t it?

Folders and channels in SharePoint

Folders in SharePoint

Well this is no problem at all just create a channel with exactly the same name as the folder and Microsoft teams will create a channel with the existing folder

Folder content in SharePoint

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4 thoughts on “Turn your folders into Microsoft Teams channels”
    1. Just in case somebody is searching for a solution and finds this comment: *there is already a Channel* this did happen for private channels with me. private channels I was not able to link to exsting folders. and that makes absolutely sense

  1. This worked for me – the existing files showed up in the Files tab after about 30 seconds.
    Thanks for posting, I wanted to check before I did it.

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