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Microsoft’s PowerApps community site is a great place for:

  • asking questions
  • give Microsoft ideas for future features and
  • above all it is a great place to find out what Microsoft are up to

For many of my projects I’ve seen clients holding off on implementing some apps using PowerApps for just one reason. In some cases, the missing support for external users has been a major reason not to get on with the implementation of PowerApps. For other projects just some apps have not been implemented yet.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that they started on the implementation of sharing apps with external users.

What are external users?

Most of your employees are likely to have accounts so that they can access your Office 365 environment. This can give them access to applications within PowerApps. But what if your users don’t have account within your organisation’s domain? e.g. auditors, clients or maybe suppliers.

These users may quite well have an account in their own Office 365 tenant. Do you now want to give them an account in your own tenant so that they can access your system? Or would it be easier if they could just use their own account that they already have? If you let them use their own account then we are talking about external accounts.

What should I do next?

Now that Microsoft has started to develop external access for PowerApps a whole new world of app opportunities will open up. Are you interested in finding out what this could mean for your organisation? Feel free to contact me or any of my colleagues and I’m happy to discuss the possibilities.

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