In this series of posts I will look at all the different elements in the Common Data Services (CDS). The subjects covered in this series are:

Anything that isn’t included yet, that you would like to know more about, feel free to contact me.

By Pieter Veenstra

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6 thoughts on “Common Data Service – a complete overview”
  1. Hi, do you have any idea where the Labels are stored in CDS for multi-select optionsets? When I connect to CDS I only see the numeric values in the multi-select fileds.

    1. Hi Mike, The option sets are maintained within the CDS ui. Looking at your question I am assuming that you might be looking for an entity option sets that contains labels and numbers. That doesn’t exist. The option sets are separate from the entity model. Entities can only use the option sets.

      Have you noticed that in new CDS databases the values have gone. They store the labels only now.

      1. Hi Pieter. In CDS, only the values from a “regular” optionset are in the entities. E.g. I have an optionset for Contact Rating (High, Medium, Low). In CDS, these values are seen in CDS fields as new_contactrating (which stores the value) and new_contactrating_display (which stores the label). The problem is with a Multi-Select optionset.

        E.g. I have a multi-select field called Contact Interests, the multi-select fields only store the value (99900001, 9990002,etc.). So, it appears the labels for multi-select optionsets are stored somewhere else. In the previous version of CRM, they were stored in a table called StringMapBase…this table does not exist in CDS.

      2. I just created a new multi select option set and I found that the values (rather than those numbers) are stored. It looks like there may still be some left overs of the old numbering system there.

      3. Pieter, when you refer to values, do you mean it shows the numbers, whatever format they are, or are you seeing the text labels? I only see the values/numbers/uniqueid and not the text.

        FYI. the numbers in my previous post are not the real ones, I made those up as an example.

        The problem is finding where those text values from multi-select optionsets are stored.

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