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Recently the Analytics options in Power Automate were extended. We already had analytics for a Flow for a while, recently Analytics for all your flows in your environment were added.

Power Automate Analytics Admin Center

Power Automate Analytics

To get to the Analytics go to the Power Apps Admin Center and then select in the Analytics menu the option Power Automate.

You can now get to the Runs of you flows on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Details are given on the successful or failed flows.

Usage Analytics

The usage analytics will now show the details on the number of scheduled or automated triggered flows.

Usage Analytics in Power Automate

Next to the Created and Shared overview there is also a detailed overview of the failed flows.
Failed Flows overview

Then finally you can see which connectors are used by your flows. This is really helpful if you are planning to introduce Data Loss Prevention rules. If if you are concerned about DLP.

Connector usage in Analytics

Some thoughts

Ok, there is still plenty of improvements possible. For example, it would be great if you could click through on the errors. The start of this global Power Automate analytics is a great step forwards.

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