Select All for a Multi-select choice field in Power Apps

How do you select all items in a multi-select choice column in a SharePoint form?

For small choice fields with only two or three options this doesn’t matter too much, but if you have more than 4 options the missing select all is missing quite quickly.

Multi-Select choice columns

In SharePoint you can have multi select columns. Within these column you can tick each option but there is no select all option available. This is quite annoying isn’t it?

A multi select field in SharePoint

We will need to customize the form. Customizing forms is done with Power Apps by selecting the customize with power apps option from the list menu.

Customize with PowerApps

We now want to add a checkbox to the form so that all options can be selected as shown below.

A Select all being selected

And none of the options should be selected when the tick box is deselected!

A Select All being deselected

How to create the Select all?

In my form I located my Favourite Ice cream Multi-select field’s datacard, then I unlocked this field.

Unlock the control

You will have to unlock the field otherwise you can configure the filtering as Power Apps doesn’t allow you to set anything within the datacard control unless it is unlocked.

Added a checkbox for the Select All option

You might have to position the check box correctly on the form. You can place it where ever you like as long as you stay within the form.

Set Default SelectedItems to SelectedItems

Now I set the DataCardValue2 (this is the one of my favourite icecream field) to SelectedItems. Selected Items will be a variable that I’m about to create in the next steps.

Setting the SelectedItems Variable

The OnSelect code for the CheckBox1 control now needs to be set to the following code:


So depending on the value of the checkbox we will either set the Selected Items to an array of flavours or we simply set it to an empty collection []

The End Result

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