Survey feedback form in power apps

In this post I will have a look at changing some of the Power apps tenant settings using Get-TenantSettings and Set-TenantSettings.

Survey Feedback

Last week one of my business critical Power Apps 4 Kids apps got the following survey feedback form.

Get-TenantSettings and Set-TenantSettings in Power Apps Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power Apps image 49

There might be a good place for these forms, but in this case my users really didn’t want to see this form as it stopped them from doing their daily tasks.

Power apps Powershell

To remove this feedback form you will need to install PowerShell for Power Apps . Once you have completed these steps you will have the Get-TenantSettings and the set-TenantSettings Commands available.


First I’m going to have a look at the Get-TenantSettings.

When you run this command a list of settings is returned.

Get-TenantSettings Command
  • walkMeOptOut
  • disableNPSCommentsReachout
  • disableNewsletterSendout
  • disableEnvironmentCreationByNonAdminUsers
  • disablePortalsCreationByNonAdminUsers
  • disableSurveyFeedback
  • disableTrialEnvironmentCreationByNonAdminUsers
  • disableCapacityAllocationByEnvironmentAdmins
  • disableSupportTicketsVisibleByAllUsers

As shown in the above screenshot these settings have all been enabled.

Personally I would have liked to see enable settings being set to true as these double negatives will only be confusing.

It look s like I’m after the disableSurveyFeedback setting


Now you might expect that the Set-TenantSettings will make your life easy and give you a -DisableSurveyFeedback option but that is not there!

Set-TenantSettings Command

We will first need to create a RequestBody. this can be done with the following lines of PowerShell

$requestBody = @{
   disableSurveyFeedback = $true

Now that we have a request body we can run the Set-TenantSettings as shown below:

Set-TenantSettings -RequestBody $requestBody

Running all of the code together now gives me a tenant where the feedback form is not presented to my users anymore.

Get-TenantSettings and Set-TenantSettings in Power Apps Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power Apps image 52

Do you need some more help on this setting then you could also have a look at Daniel’s video about the Set-TenantSettings

By Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using

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