@mention someone in Microsoft Teams with Power Automate

How many time have I seen people want to @mention someone in Microsoft Teams using Power Automate? Many Time!

Why to mention someone in Microsoft Teams

Ok, this is such a common scenario where you want to use Microsoft Teams to alert a person while your flow is running.

Quite a lot of consultancies for example organise stand-ups in Teams by sending a daily post to a team. Being able to alert people that the daily post is there can be quite important.

Or for example a long running flow does all sorts of things and then some people need to be alerted that the process is complete or that it has failed.

Running a flow to mention someone in Microsoft Teams

Today I noticed the Get @mention token for a user action. Why would this action exist if you can’t mention a person?

@mention in Power Automate

The development steps

Well, it is as simple as selecting the action Get @mention token for a user and then select the user that you want to mention.

How to @mention someone in Microsoft Teams using Power Automate Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Teams image 31

Then use the Pots a message(V3) to post the action and use @mention from the dynamic content.

And that is it!

Advanced mode

It’s time for the bonus. Did you notice in the above screenshot the advanced mode option on the Get @mention token for a user action? The little icon with the two arrows.

How to @mention someone in Microsoft Teams using Power Automate Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Teams image 32

In advanced mode you can supply an email address for a user. I tried to see if I could put extra logic in their but that doesn’t seem to be possible yet.

This has been such a missing feature for so long that this is a great additional action to the Microsoft Teams connector in Power Automate. One of my posts from 2018 already mentioned the missing @mention feature but now it is there.

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26 thoughts on “How to @mention someone in Microsoft Teams using Power Automate”
    1. Last week I was getting close to make this work through a MS Graph call, but i got stuck on the permission for Power Automate. From Graph explorer however it then already worked.

      So I’m assuming that this is using that API now. I’m quite sure that this has been introduced very recently.

  1. I was about to ask how to @mention someone in Microsoft Teams using Power Automate 🙂

    That’s exactly what I was looking for, worked like a charm.
    Thanks a lot.
    Xavier Donat

  2. This works for me but the @mention doesn’t result in a notification in activity feed. Is anyone else seeing this?

    1. Hi Ben,

      What do you notification settings look like? could it be that the notification is just delayed? Or does it work properly when you @Mention someone manually within the team app?

  3. Hi, sadly I can not see or select any user/member. What do I have to do to select specific user? Do you have any idea? 🙂
    Kind regards!

    1. Hi Lennart,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. Your comment ended up in spam.

      Can you create a comment in Teams and then run a flow that collects that specific post from Teams. Then have a look in flow what the @mention for that user looks like and try to replicate that.

  4. I am not able to select a user either. I made a comment but it still doesn’t select the user. Are you saying I have to create a different flow? So confused. It sounded pretty easy but isn’t.

  5. Very helpful. This works great for internal emails. It does not work for external guests in the Team, though, unless there is a workaround for that. Also wish i could @mention Teams, Channels and Tags!

  6. I have the same experience Mary Lynn had above. I can get this to work pretty easily for internal users, but it doesn’t work at all for guest users. It tells me “Resource does not exist or one of its queried reference-property objects are not present.” Is there a undocumented ‘secret handshake’ you found to make that work?

  7. Interesting. Making my first hack of power automate, and this is what I need, but I can’t find the “double arrow” symbol anywhere. Am I missing something obvious?

      1. Thanks Pieter, That gives me two out of three buttons, but not the double arrow one. I think I need some time to see what can be done here.

  8. I was successful using directly a valid email address in the User field of the Get token action.

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