Updated View in Microsoft Teams

Create Views in Microsoft Teams

Have you ever wondered how to organize your documents in a Microsoft Teams Channel just like views in SharePoint?

Views in Microsoft Teams

Recently I discovered Views in Microsoft Teams.

As you can see below there is now the All documents when you go to the Files Tab.

Views in Microsoft Teams

Then in the menu right there, you will find the familiar view maintenance options that we are used to in SharePoint. Simply click on the Edit current view and off you go.

The Save view as option is quite limited still. Of coure you can create a copy of views in Microsoft Teams. Or you could for example change the order of the fields and then save the view. At the moment it isn’t possible to add the columns from within Microsoft Teams yet.

Views in SharePoint

And when you select the edit view option you will be sent to the SharePoint update view page

And as I added a few new fields in SharePoint, my view in Teams changed as well.

This will help a lot when you want to make Microsoft Teams your new SharePoint 😉

So now the views will make things possible like sorting, grouping and all sorts of other view features.

Some thoughts

But a few important notes

  1. When you update a view this will affect SharePoint as well (of course!)
  2. When you update a view for one channel this will also affect the other channels.

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