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Recently I tried to share a flow and I got trial warning. It took a while before I started to understand how Sharing flows in Power Automate works.

The start of my sharing flows confusion

I created a flow using a new account and I tried sharing flows with another account and I was given a start your 90-day trial dialog

Sharing flows giving trial dialog

Also when I tried looked at the flow settings, the Owners had a Compare plans button there.

Sharing flows and adding owners

The Power Platform community helping

Quite quickly, I send out a tweet trying to find out what was going on as I hadn’t seen this Compare plans button or the trial dialog on sharing before.

It wasn’t until Ferran Chopo responded to my tweet that I started to figure out what had gone wrong.

The solution to Sharing flows

So as it says in the second tweet, you will need a paid Power automate licence! within the twitter thread this was confused by being a premium licence. It is not! And the link in the above mentioned documentation page is definitely wrong. that links sends you to the buy a premium licence page. You don’t need a premium Power Automate licence

All you need is a Microsoft 365 E1/E3/E5 licence as these are paid for. Once I gave my account a Microsoft licence I managed to share my flows.

Finding out your licence details

Did you know that when you visit that you can press Ctrl-Alt-A and you get an overview of your licence details?

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