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Today I tried to apply a site design to a SharePoint site using Power Automate, however this would just not work without any failure being reported.


This is going to be a quick post. But hopefully this will help someone else spend too much time on this issue.

Normally the ApplySiteDesign endpoint will apply a site design to a SharePoint site however I found that when you have larger site scripts assigned to your site design then this might just silently fail. The limit is 30 actions in your site script, so this must be quite an easy problem to find.

So how do we make this work? Site Designs easily go past that 30 actions limit.

Site Design tasks

The answer is luckily very simple.

We just need to create a Site Design Task. This task will then be processed. There is a specific endpoint for creating site design tasks, AddSiteDesignTaskToCurrentWeb. This end point will create a task and then update your sites quite quickly. In my case within minutes my sites were updated.

AddSiteDesignTaskToCurrentWeb example

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