Today I found the new Delve App for Windows 10. In this post a complete overview of Delve.

So first of all what is Delve?

You might already be familiar with Delve in Office 365. It shows you all sorts of information related to your colleagues. So you can find out what they are up to. Which documents they have recently updated. And of course they can also see what you have been up to! Scary? Maybe a bit.


Table of Contents

So we can get started with the download of the app.

Download the Delve App today:

The App is still in Preview so a lot is likely to change.

The App

Once the app has been installed you have to log in and then you can see what Delve is all about.

The Delve App starts showing you all the popular documents within your network.


Menu Options

First looking at the left hand menu. There are three sections.

  • Top menu with Favourites, Discover, Notifications
  • People (These are the notifications sorted by people)
  • Bottom menu Feedback about Delve and Settings



As people upload documents to you SharePoint Online  in Office 365.  you will find yellow alerts  in the left hand menu:



In the settings menu you can set your default opening page, language settings. How you want to view documents.

Additionally you can set if you want to receive Notifications every time someone uploads a document.

Finally you can clear the cache used by the app.




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