Have you used the clutter feature in Outlook? I’ve disabled Clutter quite quickly as I’m happy to manage my own unwanted emails. Or maybe I’m just worried that that important email appears in Clutter making me check my clutter folder all the time.

Well Microsoft is now improving the Clutter feature. First of all they are now talking about Focused Inbox.


Microsoft is updating more in your daily Outlook experience. You can now use @username to add people to the to field. This is of course a nice feature if you are too lazy to add someone in the To field of your email. But is this really something that is helpful?

For internal chitchat this maybe ok, but would you really address a customer with @John Jackson in an email. I’ve always been told that this is quite a rude way of writing emails using @-signs is fine for social media but in professional emails it doesn’t really feel right.


If we take the above example. which of the following options look more professional:

That is so existing! Thanks for Sharing Carole. @Wendy Richardson do we need to plan for travel?


That is so existing! Thanks for Sharing Carole.

Wendy, do we need to plan for travel?


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