A few weeks ago Microsoft announced that the App Launcher would be updated. Below you can see the two options. Office 365 - The new App Launcher has arrived. Microsoft Office 365 modernapplauncher


Office 365 - The new App Launcher has arrived. Microsoft Office 365 applauncher



At first you notice of course the change in colour scheme and the large buttons have been replaced with smaller icons. But have a closer look. First Click on the all apps link.

You will now notice that the Apps are all listed underneath each other, but there is more.

You will now quite quickly notice the other section. With two apps in it.

  • Microsoft Graph SDK ASPNET Sample
  • Office 365 Groups Explorer


On the first one I would comment: ” Why would any user care???”

On the second one: “This sounds interesting!”

But I was quite quickly disappointed. All the app does is send me to https://office365groupsexplorer.azurewebsites.net/groups and using Graph I can now get a list of my groups.

Where does this come from? I logged onto this Group Explorer site earlier this week. Could this be kept in some kind of history list? Now the question of course is how do I hide this from my users?

Then the All apps link, I tried this in different places. When I for example in my outlook app I’m finding that all my apps Office 365 - The new App Launcher has arrived. Microsoft Office 365are displayed. But when I go to the admin center then suddenly I’m getting no apps at all.

The one thing I do really like is that my recent documents are displayed within the app launcher. And I can even create new Word documents, Excel Document, PowerPoint Presentations or Sway documents. But where are these documents created? To test this I went first to the Admin Center and clicked on a new button. This quite quickly gave me a circle of hope.

Office 365 - The new App Launcher has arrived. Microsoft Office 365 circle

After about 30 seconds finally my blank document appeared. It still took another 20 seconds for my document to be editable. But I found that my document appeared in https:/ /mytenant-my.sharepoint.com/….

So far so good it found my OneDrive for Business.

Now I’m going to try this from a team site and here also my document appears in my OneDrive. It would have been nice if the document actually appeared in the local site in a document library that I could have selected. This could be very confusing for users.

But still I like the idea of recent document being directly available in the global navigation, App Launcher. Note that at the moment the new AppLauncher is only available within First Release enabled tenants. First release for selected users does not get this update yet.

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