Create multiple versions of a flow in Power Automate

When you develop IT systems do you have a dev, test and production environment? Do you do the same with Microsoft Flow? Or are you updating your production flows directly?

Multiple versions of a flow

Do you keep multiple versions of your flow? Just in case your update breaks your flow. Or do you just risk it?

In this post I’m looking at how to create a copy of your flows. I’m going to trigger this process manually but of course you could also schedule these updates.

First of all you can create multiple environment within the Flow Admin Center.

Multiple environments to support multiple versions

Copy Flows

Now within Flow I’m using the Flow Management actions available to copy the Flows from one environment to another.

Create multiple versions of a flow in Power Automate 1

Then I’ll create a new flow with a different name

Create multiple versions of a flow in Power Automate 2

And my copy of my flow has been created.

Ok, the above might look like a bit of a techie thing to do. But we should have a look at the possibilities of this.

  • Moving your flows from development, to test to production on approval by your team leader is something that can be implemented within no time.
  • Or, how about creating backups of your flow on a daily basis?
  • Automated roll back when a flow is failing?

And, I’m sure that there are many other possibilities.

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