Microsoft Flow – Create SharePoint list item and get a BadRequest

Have you tried creating a SharePoint list item using Microsoft Flow?

Did you get the following error:

A value must be provided for item. clientRequestId: 61c098ee-52bd-44ef-94b8-e58b38158a39

When I played around a bit I found a different variation of the same error:

The passed-in field “{ContentType}” could not be found clientRequestId: 55b30358-50aa-4a58-bdd4-5a6c5b556292 serviceRequestId: 3cc55e9e-3056-5000-bd79-d138c1f7b192


After a bit of searching you will find fairly quickly the following post:

Simply delete the action and then recreate the action and all is ok. But I don’t like that solution! It is time for one of my first Microsoft Flow SharePains!

What is this all about?

When you add the Create Item action and select a list Flow is assuming that you don’t have content types on your list. If you do have content types on your list you will get the first of the errors. When you now delete the create item action and select a list with content types all will work fine.

If you now change the action to  a list without a contenttype you will get the second type of error message. So it looks like the actions don’t accepts changes to the list configuration. Having multiple content types of just using the out of the box content types makes a difference.

When you have a create item action on a list without contenttype management enabled the action the request in the run history looks like this:

When running the request after I enabled the content type management on the list (and selected the item contenttype) the request looks like this:

and after I create a new action it looks like this:

This shows that the format of the input data for the create item action changes as the configuration of the list changes and this is causing the problem. Within Logic Apps it would be possible ti fix the json code to make things work but this is not possible within  Microsoft Flow. Hopefully the Microsoft Flow team will fix this problem soon!

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Flow – Create SharePoint list item and get a BadRequest

  1. commented on August 3, 2018 by Ivan Wilson

    Check out John Liu’s Flow-Studio tool. This lets you modify the Flow’s JSON if you are feeling brave

    • Hi Ivan,

      Thank you. I am aware of John’s Flow Studio tool. John is doing great work with that.


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