Automate your projects with Microsoft Flow and Project Online

Today I had a look at Project Online and although there have been some changes  to Project Online since I last used it, the fundamental product is still similar. I’m especially interested in the Project Online Connector in Microsoft Flow. The connector is a bit limited, however there are some basic operators available that would have helped me in past projects. I guess all this connector needs is more users requesting new actions and triggers.

In this post I’m going to have a look at the actions and triggers that are already there.

List Projects

My starting point is to list all the existing projects  using the List projects action

Automate your projects with Microsoft Flow and Project Online 1

The tooltip is slightly confusing as your project online Root Site URL will most likely be /sites/pwa and I can’t really imagine Project Online existing within /teams/sampleteam.

Create Tasks

Then I tried to have a look at creating a task in every single project by taking the proejct Ids returned by the List Projects

Automate your projects with Microsoft Flow and Project Online 2Quite easily I can create a new task with the creates new task action, the options however are quite limited.  Also, the creation of the task will fail if a project has been checked out by someone else or if the project hasn’t been checked out. Therefore you will need to handle check in and check out by adding some more actions.

In a similar way it is also possible to create resources or projects. These actions potentially make it possible for Flow to create projects, tasks or resources when users add projects requests to a project request list in SharePoint or any other data source that supports Flow triggers. Imagine creating a team in Microsoft Teams triggering the creation of a Project plan in Project Online without the need to have administration rights in Project Online.


There are a number of triggers available within the Project Online connector. These triggers make it possible to trigger a flow when a new project has been created,  when a new resource is created , when a new task is created or when a project is published.

These triggers could help for example when you want to inform people when something changes to a project. This way you could for example let a project manager know when a project plan has been updated.

Automate your projects with Microsoft Flow and Project Online 3


So even though the Project Online connector could do with some additional features. I do think that the current connector could be helpful in many scenarios. If you are interested in making this connector work for you then please do leave a comment below, as I’;m interested to know if this connector is used by many organisations or not.



5 thoughts on “Automate your projects with Microsoft Flow and Project Online

  1. actually i use for my company Project Online and i wanted to migrate my workflows to Flow, but this connector is kind of useless if you have custom fields and want to do any kind of approval workflow, it wil be great if this connectors were updated.

  2. Hello,
    There is no option to select Project Type(EPT) while creating a project using Flow. Please suggest how we can do this. Thanks.

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